Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Graduate in 1988 from University of Copenhagen. Trained in cardiology at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, as well as Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children and The Heart Hospital in London. Special interest in congenital and structural heart diseases, particular interventional procedures. Led the first-in-human transcatheter mitral valve replacement in 2012. Furthermore, first-in-human implantation for the Gore Septal Occluder for device closure of ASD and PFO (WL Gore & Ass.) in 2011, Inter Atrial Septal Device (Corvia) for HFpEF in 2012, Hydra transcatheter aortic valve bioprosthesis (Vascular Innovations) in 2013, Lotus transcatheter aortic valve DepthGuard system (Boston Scientific) in 2016, and Omega (Eclipse Medical) for left atrial appendage closure in 2019.

Professor of Cardiology at University of Copenhagen since 2015. His thesis ‘Quantitative assessment of aortic regurgitation and stenosis using magnetic resonance velocity mapping: Technical aspects and clinical evaluation’ was awarded with a DMSc degree from University of Copenhagen. Published 410 peer reviewed articles, and 16 text book chapters.